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Let's get lost in a world made of books,coffee and rainy days

I used to wonder what god looks like now i doubt does he even exist

My queen

Her eyes did ,what spears do in battles.


Lord,what fools these mortals be!


That day of the year again


I am afraid that one night, When i’ll b lying sick in a hospital bed with the heart monitor beeps breaking the dead silence of the room, The pungent smell of the iodoform surrounding me,And all of a sudden, Out of nowhere, At one heart breaking moment, I will crave for u

And you will never know.

I have loved you from far away

Keeping unsent letters of what I have to say.


I stood by the window staring at the stars,The howling wolf’s in the dark reminded me of the old scars,

I twisted and turned and scratched my eyes pretending something struck the eye.

The stars blurred n I dropped a tear,

I smiled, n then laughed at my poor self,

Clinched my fist till my fingers ached,Coz I could never realize your love being so dark and pale,

My arm twitched n I felt u crawling in the veins,

I pinched my skin trying to scrape off the pieces of u left behind.If only that helped I would have peeled my skin off,

A muffled voice playing “city of stars ” was now getting loud .I rushed and picked my phone up,the voice on the other end said  “Hello beautiful”

My heart grew heavy, I closed my eyes,feeling so feeble I said “I missed u”.

The fawn

Pulling the string of his bow aming at the fawn ,The son of the hunter said,”how could I kill it dad ?When I see God in it.


I deleted the old chats and conversation,

Untill the radio played that song and I was in love all over again.

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