The Storytellar

Let's get lost in a world made of books,coffee and rainy days


I am afraid that one night, When i’ll b lying sick in a hospital bed with the heart monitor beeps breaking the dead silence of the room, The pungent smell of the iodoform surrounding me,And all of a sudden, Out of nowhere, At one heart breaking moment, I will crave for u

And you will never know.


I have loved you from far away

Keeping unsent letters of what I have to say.


On the school reunion we met after years.Greeting everyone  I stood, staring in her eyes I held her hand a little longer.

When someone asked me who she is? I replied “A never healing wound”.



I stood by the window staring at the stars,The howling wolf’s in the dark reminded me of the old scars,

I twisted and turned and scratched my eyes pretending something struck the eye.

The stars blurred n I dropped a tear,

I smiled, n then laughed at my poor self,

Clinched my fist till my fingers ached,Coz I could never realize your love being so dark and pale,

My arm twitched n I felt u crawling in the veins,

I pinched my skin trying to scrape off the pieces of u left behind.If only that helped I would have peeled my skin off,

A muffled voice playing “city of stars ” was now getting loud .I rushed and picked my phone up,the voice on the other end said  “Hello beautiful”

My heart grew heavy, I closed my eyes,feeling so feeble I said “I missed u”.


The fawn

Pulling the string of his bow aming at the fawn ,The son of the hunter said,”how could I kill it dad ?When I see God in it.



I deleted the old chats and conversation,

Untill the radio played that song and I was in love all over again.



Coz a wise man once said 

“Never trust a woman with cold hands”



I am tired of being the poet

Just for once,

Let me be the POEM.


A story unwritten

All shriveled up ,she was sitting by the fire,holding the unlit cigarette in her hand and staring at the yellow flames of the wood.I have never seen her so quite in my life.even though I pretend ,still somewhere deep down, I care bout her n I cannot see her sad and wounded like that.

I held my chair n dragging it on the ground I placed it next to her .she raised her brows n gave a faint smile .I asked “are u gona lit the cigarette or just gona play with it”

 she pointed the cigarette toward me n      said ,”I don’t have a lighter”.I smiled, deliberately making the exale audible,.           i leaned forward to pick up a stick from the burning fire n helped her light the cigarette.she closed her eyes and took a long drag, exhaling a puff of smoke in the air ,she opened her eyes and kept staring at the dark of the skies.

As I turned towards her,i saw the smoke rising from the cigarette  brushed against her face like a painter giving a golden hue to the setting sun.

Her eyes still fixed in the stars she said,”I wish once he would have looked at me the way u do” .


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