I stood by the window staring at the stars,The howling wolf’s in the dark reminded me of the old scars,

I twisted and turned and scratched my eyes pretending something struck the eye.

The stars blurred n I dropped a tear,

I smiled, n then laughed at my poor self,

Clinched my fist till my fingers ached,Coz I could never realize your love being so dark and pale,

My arm twitched n I felt u crawling in the veins,

I pinched my skin trying to scrape off the pieces of u left behind.If only that helped I would have peeled my skin off,

A muffled voice playing “city of stars ” was now getting loud .I rushed and picked my phone up,the voice on the other end said  “Hello beautiful”

My heart grew heavy, I closed my eyes,feeling so feeble I said “I missed u”.